Pro 800 RMX +5hp

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Xtreme Mountain King (XMK)

Our 2015 XMK weighs in at about 375 pounds. We have built XMK sleds since 2001 in an effort to build the lightest possible sleds without compromising durability. While turbos and big bores may go straight uphill better, nothing beats lighter weight for serious boondocking and tree riding. Lighter weight also means much less rider fatigue and the ability to ride in tougher terrain all day.

The XMK is built on a 2013/14/15 Polaris Pro RMK chassis. Polaris has done an admirable job building a lightweight snowmobile to start with which means that losing an additional 40 pounds means looking at every part of the snowmobile. We do realize that not everybody can afford or even justify spending what it takes to do it all and losing even 20 pounds does make a significant difference. To that end, any or all of the XMK components can be installed on a Pro RMK. The major components of the XMK package are...

  • RMX Engine Package (high compression head, coated pipe, and lightweight can)
  • Titanium a-arms
  • Custom valved Walker Evans front shocks
  • Diamond S Hood with mount for stock gauge
  • Geardown kit (changes gear ratio from 2.09 to 2.41)
  • Holz Alpha X rear supension
  • RMX track mod
  • Skinz Seat
  • RMX lightweight driven clutch with titanium spring
  • Patrick Custom Carbon drive clutch cover
  • Titanium drive clutch bolt, titanium pins, and titanium spring
  • RMX lightweight brake rotor
  • Remove taillight, sway bar, mountain bar, handlebar pad, excess insulation, etc.
  • Sidehiller 2 skis

If you'd like to read more about the XMK project, please check out our Snowest article on the Press page.